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    Overall system / architectural changes
    (architecture as in the overall design of the system, not in the sense of ARM vs x64)

    New sendfile(2) syscall

    New automounter with Sun-compatible map format, proper kernel support and LDAP integration

    Improved NUMA support

    Improved support for blacklisting bad memory locations

    Tool chain

    Clang has been updated to 3.8.0.
    LLDB is enabled by default on amd64 and arm64 (https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/292350)

    Support for C blocks imported from Apple GCC

    ELF tool chain tools addr2line, elfcopy, nm, readelf, size, strings
    Kernel, hardware support & other low level improvements
    LIBCOMPILER_RT has replaced LIBGCC on all platforms

    MK_TESTS is enabled by default

    Support for calling pcibios routines from the bootloader

    A thin wrapper around the kernel interface to make it easier to write GPIO applications has been added

    man(1) has been changed to use mandoc to render manpages

    devctl, a new-bus device control utility which allows the user to request administrative changes to individual devices

    New Hardware Support
    cxgbei: Hardware accelerated iSCSI target and initiator for TOE capable cards supported by cxgbe (https://svnweb.freebsd.org/changeset/base/292740)

    Networking improvements
    Support for linking NIC Receive Side Scaling (RSS) to the network stacks connection-group implementation

    Support for the UDP-Lite protocol has been added to both IPv4 and IPv6 stacks

    IPX is no longer supported

    AppleTalk is no longer supported

    Flowid, bindmulti and RSS awareness have been added to the IPv6 stack

    RSS awareness has been added to the igb(4) driver

    RSS awareness has been added to the ixgbe(4) driver

    netstat can display RSS and flow information with -R

    PF hash has been changed from Jenkins to Murmur3 which shows a conservative 3% increase in packets per second

    Netmap support has been added to libpcap allowing tcpdump and other native pcap application to run directly on netmap ports

    faith(4) and faithd(8) have been removed from base

    cxgbe(4) will now front loads as much as possible before any driver lock or software queue gets involved

    DTrace probes for packets flagged as bad by ipfilter. All probes for bad packets are named ipf_fi_bad_*

    A new version of NetMap

    Most relevant features:

    netmap pipes, providing bidirectional blocking I/O while moving 100+ Mpps between processes using shared memory channels
    kqueue support and segmentation offloading for VALE switch (both used in bhyve)
    improved user library
    netmap emulation on any NIC, even those without native netmap support (even with emulation the performance is better than BPF)
    seamless interconnection of VALE switch, NICs and host stack.
    THE USER API HAS SLIGHTLY CHANGED (head/cur/tail pointers instead of pointers/count as before)
    ARM improvements
    The nand(4) device is enabled for ARM devices by default.

    Support for the Display Control Unit (DCU4) Freescale Vybrid

    Support for the Colibri VF50 Evaluation Board

    Support for the Freescale Synchronous Audio Interface.

    Support for accessing the imx6 on-chip one-time-programmble data.

    Support for the Samsung Chromebook

    Support for the Samsung Chromebook2

    Support for the Alpine PoC from Annapurna Labs

    Support for programming FPGA cores from userspace

    Support for the Broadcoms VideoCore IV GPU

    DTrace support has been added to ARM32

    Support for Nvidia Jetson TK1 board and Tegra124 SoC

    Support for USB3.0 on Armada38x

    SMP support for Allwinner A31 and A31s

    Support for Allwinner A31/A31s EHCI controller and USB PHY

    Support for Allwinner A31 RTC controller

    . Added over many commits listed on the arm64 page.

    PowerPC improvements
    The default scheduler on MPC85XX architectures has been switched to ULE

    The Power Management Unit is now supported on the Apple PowerBook G4

    Support for the ADT7460/ADT7467 fan controller found in later PowerBooks and iBooks

    Support for hwpmc(4) on ppc970 (PowerMac G5)

    Improved support for ATI backlights

    Improved page zeroing performance in the 32-bit AIM MMU

    X11 via xf86-video-scfb supported on the Playstation 3

    /etc/rc.d/power_profile can monitor the battery and AC status on PowerPC laptops

    Support for cxgbe(4) on powerpc64 has been added

    Support for RouterBoard RB333/600/800/1100 NAND flash

    Support for the Vector-Scalar eXtension (VSX) found on the POWER7 and POWER8

    Support for QorIQ SoCs

    Sparc64 improvements
    Support for vt(4) on a variety of low-end graphics hardware (SBus adapters, Mach64, QEMUs framebuffer, XVR-100

    Virtualization Improvements
    bhyve Improvements

    bhyve can boot FreeBSD/i386 guests

    Support for PCI legacy INTx interrupts have been improved in bhyve

    Virtualized XSAVE support has been added to bhyve, permitting guests to use XSAVE and XSAVE-enabled features like AVX.

    Support for injecting hardware exceptions for emulated instructions have been added to bhyve.

    Initial support for booting Windows guests

    Support for netmap has been added to bhyve

    Xen Improvements

    Xen supports event channel PIRQ allowing for Dom0 to manage physical hardware

    Support for unmapped IO has been added to blkfront

    Hyper-V Improvements

    HyperV Key-Value Pair driver and daemon has been added

    AWS EC2 Improvements

    EC2 Enhanced Networking (aka. SR-IOV networking) is now enabled when building EC2 images

    Other Improvements

    Tx/Rx multiqueue support has been added to the VMware VMXNET3 Virtual Interface Controller device

    Support for adding carp interfaces into a jail

    Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) support has been added to mkimg(1)

    Wireless Improvements
    Support has been added for the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 105 chipset

    Support for net80211 provided (legacy) sleep managemen

    Support for power save management and beacon programming have been added into the ath(4) driver

    Storage Subsystem Improvements
    Unmapped IO support has been added to both the VirtIO Block and SCSI driver

    Support for MegaRAID Fury cards have been added into mfi(4)

    Support for LSI MPT3 12Gb SAS controllers

    Sysctls for dirty data tuning have been added for ZFS

    Support for disklabel64

    Support for multi-threading of soft updates.

    Sandboxing in OpenSSH is enabled by default

    Capsicum and Casper protects ping(8) against malicious network packets

    The default crypt(3) hash function has been changed to SHA512

    The kernel implementation of sha256 has been replaced with a newer implementation that testing has shown to be about 20% faster

    The stack protector is now set to strong

    Integrated support for running CloudABI executables

    New System Hardening menu in bsdinstall with several security features to be enabled per users choice

    Desktop-related changes
    The trackpads found in Apple MacBook products are now supported

    The AMD Radeon DRM/KMS driver supports running 32 bit applications on a 64 bit host

    Support for more than 8 audio channels per PCM stream for USB audio class compliant devices (

    Other changes
    NFS performance has been greatly improved, MFC-ed

    Support for displaying Vital Product Data has been added to pciconf(8)

    Support for GPS ports have been added to the uhso(4) driver.

    OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 1.0.1i

    jemalloc has been upgraded to version 3.6.0.

    Support for Intels Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP) instructions has been added to binutils

    gcc now supports -Wmissing-prototypes in C++

    bmake has been upgraded to version 20140620

    libc++ has been upgraded to version 3.4

    OpenSSH has been upgraded to version 6.6p1

    groff incorporates vendor changes up to 2014-01-29

    mdocml has been upgraded to version 1.12.3

    atf has been upgraded to version 0.20

    talk(1) is capable of displaying UTF-8 characters

    epoll support has been added to the Linux compatibility layer

    lindev(4) has been removed since /dev/full is now a standard feature of FreeBSD

    apr has been upgraded to version 1.5.1

    Subversion has been upgraded to version 1.8.8

    serf has been upgraded to version 1.3.5

    libucl has been upgraded to version 20140718

    Sendmail has been upgraded to version 8.14.9

    ldns has been upgraded to version 1.6.17

    unbound has been upgraded to version 1.4.22

    tzdata has been upgraded to version 2014e

    byacc has been upgraded to version 20141006

    csup has been removed from base

    DTrace version bumped to 1.12.1

    libc now has re-entrant versions of the hash functions

    sqlite has been upgraded to version 3.8.5

    xz has been upgraded to version 5.2.0 which brings support for multi-threaded compression

    ncurses has been upgraded to version 5.9 20140222

    Baud rate support has been added to telnet

    libxo version 0.1.6 has been imported into base

    OpenBSM has been updated to version 1.2 alpha 4

    ACPICA has been upgraded to version 20160527

    Support for RISC-V

    : http://www.jointux.com/freebsd-11-ooh-finally/
    : http://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/r...O-IMAGES/11.0/

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